More than just a financial conciliator!

Integrating platforms, marketplaces and financial institutions, with TrackCash you can manage your store in a sustainable way, based on the reconciliation of orders.


Are you getting the correct value from your sales? Can you check your financial process with ease?

TrackCash is more than just a financial conciliator, it is a complete suite for the financial management of your e-commerce, offering 5 different conciliation steps, analyzing your requests from the time they are generated to the effective repassing, comparing status, commissions, returns and also making the financial analysis of freight paid, among other diverse situations that influence the financial flow of your store.

5-step analysis

The only tool in the market that compares information between Platforms, MarketPlaces and Financial Institutions


Full analysis of requests as soon as they are generated, showing disagreements between financial data and status that directly influence the financial result of your store.


With the financial details, the merchant can see the orders already approved, identifying all the financial process of the order, such as product values, freights, cancellations and returns, including the respective fees charged.


With TrackCash's unique pass-through screen, you can identify information about money available, withdrawals, prepayments and their costs, commissions, disputes, returns, freight and their commissions, among other values. The retailer is able to have accurate information that helps to act directly in financial management, making it easier to identify the accounts receivable.

Financial Result

To have actual data of your operation, you can configure the cost of your products and taxes paid to get the view of the financial liquid of your operation.

Freight Financial Management

With the freight module, you can analyze different freight scenarios, including amount paid by the customer, commission charged, actual cost charged by the carrier and discounts when using MarketPlace delivery services, to obtain the net result of the shipment. freight operation.


What should I check in a financial management and reconciliation system?

When looking for a financial management and reconciliation system, make sure to check a few points:


Does the system compare the information I have in my store (Virtual Store, ERP or Integrator) and the data that is in the sales channel? How to do the reconciliation based only on the data on one side of the process?


If there is a divergence between the data of your store and the Marketplace, how would you detect this solution?


Can you keep track of order data as long as it is generated or only when payments are generated? Imagine detecting potential issues only after the order has been delivered, or worse, you do not even know that the order existed.


Is this tool able to give the net result of each operation, based on costs, or does it indicate only what I received?


Is it a multi-point system, can I insert all the accounts I use with each marketplace and analyze them in a single environment?


How does this tool to analyze the issue of freight and cancellation commissions and that there are different rules in each Marketplace for each situation?


Is it possible to compare freight information based on the type of shipment, such as when it is used Mercado Envios, B2W Entregas, Magalu Entregas, etc? I can check what was discounted from the freight in the case of free shipping on the Market Shipments for orders over $ 120.00, for example?


Is there exclusive freight financial management to identify the actual cost of each operation?

These are some of the relevant points when verifying a system that can perform financial management and reconciliation with sales in marketplaces. You better than anyone knows of the complex of the process of those sales and a system can not look only at the values ​​of the orders and say that it delivers you a sales reconciliation! Think about it!

Why hire TrackCash?

Independent: We have no links to any MarketPlace, ensuring the security and reliability of our information;

Strategic: Specific plans to serve diverse sizes of companies, helping in the growth of companies;

Specialists: We are born from the needs of e-commerce, we know what the shopkeeper is going through;

Upgraded: We are always looking to understand the sales flow within the MarketPlaces to provide the information the retailer needs;

We are with the shopkeeper: Our main goal is to make the e-commerce ecosystem sustainable by maximizing the financial management of companies.

Let's grow together?



Order Status Comparison Between Store and MarketPlace


Comparison of Order Data (Value of Products, Discounts, Freight)


Identification of Requests with Return (Exchange and Cancellation)


Identification of Purchase Order Failures Between Stores and MarketPlaces

Forecast x Done

Information of Total Received and Total Receivable


Detail of Payment Prepayments (Rates, Orders, Dates, etc.)


Withdrawal Information in Money


Verification of Orders that were actually paid by MarketPlace


General and Separate Totalizers by Marketplace


comparison between commissions charged on products, freights or returns


Identification of the freight service use through the sale in the channel


Possibility of Sending Cost of Product and Tax to Final Net Result by Sale and Totalized


Plan 1

Up to 200
Sales / month

Plan 2

Up to 500
Sales / month

Plan 3

Up to 1000
Sales / month

Plan 4

Up to 2500
Sales / month

Plan 5

Up to 5000
Sales / month

Plan 6

More than 5000
Sales / month

New Integrations are being carried out both with platforms of Virtual Stores, ERPs and Marketplaces. Did not find any channel or platform you use? Contact us! In addition we also have a simplified API for Integration.

To stay competitive, the Marketplace is essential ... But it is important to know all the details of the process - including the financial ones, so that this opportunity does not become a big nightmare.


Ewerton Santos
CEO TrackCash

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